April 23, 2022

Pink Floyd: BBC Radio 1967-1971 by Ian Priston and Phil Salathe

I am pleased and proud to announce the imminent publication of the book Pink Floyd: BBC Radio 1967-1971, which I have co-authored with my good friend Ian Priston!

As you might infer, our subject is Pink Floyd's appearances on the BBC during their early, experimental years prior to the success of The Dark Side of the Moon. These radio broadcasts are of pivotal importance in the history of Pink Floyd, documenting their evolution as a band, and shedding light on the compositional, improvisational, and architectural strategies they used in their creative process.

This book is the product of extensive research and analysis, and offers what I can safely describe as an unprecedented level of depth, with extensive amounts of information found nowhere else in print or online. In the course of writing it, we solved mysteries, discovered several new ones, and had many occasions to be astonished by the incandescent brilliance of the band at its peak -- and dismayed by some of the decisions they've made as ambivalent stewards of their own legacy.

Our publisher is The Bee Smart Book Co., an independent publisher in Rotterdam that specializes in meticulously-researched, carefully-crafted, full-color books about Pink Floyd and their history. They have been a wonderful partner throughout this process, and their skillful, attractive design has brought our text to life with flair and sensitivity.

Pink Floyd: BBC Radio 1967-1971 will be released on June 3, 2022 in a limited, numbered edition of 400 hardcover copies, with a paperback edition as well. For more information, click the book cover above, or here are direct links to the ordering pages for the hardcover and paperback editions.

The book has, naturally, been the focus of much of my efforts over the past couple years, but I've been very lucky to have had continued opportunities to share my own music with the world despite the COVID-19 pandemic. I've written a blog entry summing up some of these recent activities.

Phil Salathé