Selected works

(sorted by instrumentation)

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Chamber music

2-3 instruments:

Don't Let Your Chops Freeze for trumpet and piano left hand (2017)

Trefoil for flute, cello, and piano (2015)

Mandarin Ducks for oboe and English horn (2011)

Ajándék for violoncello and percussion (2007)

Donizetti at Ivry for violin, violoncello, and double bass (2007)

Three Street Pieces for clarinet and double bass (2005)

Tabiya for violin, horn, and percussion (2004)

4-6 instruments:

The Nameless and Bounded Waters for horn quartet (2021)

Monograms for guitar and string quartet (2012)

Eirenicon for string sextet (2010)

Hakhphobia for brass quintet (2010)

Fixed Fantasy for saxophone quartet (2010)

The Wood Between the Worlds for oboe, English horn, violoncello, and piano (2009)

Tusko for horn and 4 double basses (2008)

The Heart That Loves But Once for oboe, viola, harp, and piano/celesta (2006)

Adagio for brass quintet (1996)

Chamber music with voice

Baneberry for singing cellist (or soprano and cello) (2019)

The Phantom Voice for soprano and harp (2013)

The cold and sparkling silver of the sea for mezzo-soprano and marimba (2008)

Two Songs for soprano and piano (1994-1995)

Orchestra/large ensemble

The Shipwreck for guitar orchestra (2019)

And Yet... for orchestra with fixed media and narrator (2014)

A Canon in Dorian Mode for youth string orchestra (2008)

Two Waltzes for solo violin and string orchestra (2007)

Divisions for soprano saxophone and chamber orchestra (2006)

For Morgan Packard for eight trombones and eight double basses (2005)

Islands for guitar orchestra (2004)

In Memoriam Jody Wilson for orchestra (2001)

Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra (1998)

Solo keyboard

(for piano unless indicated)

Revanche: A Fragment for clavichord (2017)

Two Improvisations (2012)

Three Bagatelles (2008)

Eight Pieces for Piano (2006)

Nocturne (2005)

Waltzes (1995-1998)

Theme and Variations (1994)

Solo winds/strings

Imaginary Birds of the Frozen North for solo English horn (2018)

Rhodomontade for euphonium (2005)

Troglodyte for bassoon (2005)

Sonata for viola (2004), aka Elegy for solo violin or viola

Jazz charts/lead sheets

Skylight One for jazz ensemble (2014)

Asegohivinchivia for jazz ensemble (2013)

...For Soon It Will Be Gone Again for jazz ensemble (2012)

Ebocativo for jazz ensemble (2011)

Nothing For It for jazz ensemble (2011)

Sheds Know Tears for jazz quartet (2010)

Tana for jazz ensemble (2009)

Orson for jazz ensemble (1999, rev. 2013)

Works with electronics

Woof for fixed media (2020)

On the Beach for fixed media with cello (optional) (2008, rev. 2010)

When You're Not Working for Max/MSP (2008)

Ill Wind for fixed media (2005)

Abandoned Beach for fixed media (2005)

Like Thunder in the Early Morning for fixed media (2001)

Three for fixed media (1997)


Study No. 20 for 8 winds and 2 percussion (2014)

The Vexations Project (2012)

Expecting the Spring Breeze for oboe and guitar (2006)

Blue Monday for chamber orchestra (1998)


Der Brief (2010)

Bone Dry (2010)

Soundtrack to Beings (2008)

Standing Waves (2005)

In Kind (2005)

Phil Salathé